any Nikonos users out there?

I have 2. Great cameras but pricy. Some newer cameras are cheaper and take great pictures. VF

Had two of them…
A III and a V…

Sold them along time ago when they were still worth $$$… Great for what they were.

how did you like the V?
I’m looking for a good manual 35mm camera with rock-solid waterproofness. But most of the time I would use it for above-water shots.


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Started out with a Nikonos II went to a III then a IV and now a V. Like the IV better, and wish I hadn't sold it but I don't take many underwater pictures anymore. Don't use strobes either.

The orange color on the V is a real plus.

Can't imagine taking it kayaking although I got my Nikon Coolpix 5700 wet twice and had to send it back to Nikon for repair.

Some of the newer digital cameras are not as water sensitive as the 5700 but I like not having to change rolls of film and now use a Pentax Optio.

Both de III an’ de V. Great cameras, built like tanks.

Fat Elmo

The V…
Excellent camera, I think there is only one lens the will work above water (35mm) and maybe one more. Very water tight if O rings maintained (had mine to 200 ft.). Focus is manual and a guess on the knob. Very good exposure and TTL flash.

I remember hearing that they made a long land lens (85mm?)for Vietnam photogs. I hear they are selling a lot cheaper now that digital is getting better.

Do you need interchangeable lenses?
If not, I have a Sea & Sea Motormarine II with an external strobe that I’d like to sell. They make lens adapters for underwater use, but above water, you have to use the built-in lens.

Nikonos lens availability…

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UW-Nikkor 20mm f/2.8
Great for up-close shooting, to 40cm (1.3ft.). Underwater only.

UW-Nikkor 28mm f/3.5
Standard wideangle lens. Underwater only.

W-Nikkor 35mm f/2.5
General-purpose amphibious lens.

Nikkor 80mm f/4
Amphibious lens.


haven’t decided yet
Is that a MM II or MM II ex?

I’m just starting to explore options. I want to get back into film, have a cheap minolta weathermatic 35, but want something I can use in water or wet, and has more range (the weathermatic is a point and shoot with two fixed lenses).

I fell in love with the Nikonos ES but they’re scarce and expensive!

thought I read a post by you about a week ago about simplicity and tradition and not re-inventing the wheel or we’d forget what the wheel looked like! Now you’re asking about hi-tech cameras??? hmmmmm…rather selective, no?

mmm … maybe. But I can reationalize that a nice waterproof film camera is getting back to the essentials a bit. Right?

I’d love to have one go-to SLR for all conditions, film or digital. But I’m not sure that exists.

Hi Tech?
Original Nikonos was released in 1963…

They still do some beautiful work…

Nikonos RS

Ah’ dun’t think Nikon still makes it but yeu might find one used somewhere. Big $$$$


You should
check out Excellent forum and informational site for everything Nikon. They have a forum strictly for underwater photog, and one for nikon manual focus slrs. They also have “for sale” forum where you can often find good condition used Nikon gear at fair prices.