Any one canoe on the Little Miami in Ohi

Were thinking this spring of taking our canoe on the little miami. Does any one of the outfitters offer for a fee transportation up stream or pick up downstream?

CVG Ohio

yes they do
its been over 30 years since I’ve paddled that river but I notice there is still plenty of livery competition.

which one you call or message depends on what stretch of river you want to do. Get their shuttle service rates. You’ll get the best rate if you operate on livery time- warm weekends when they’re putting their rental fleet on the water . Expect to pay a lot more if they end up making a special trip just for you

Free shuttle
Join a group and shuttles on all your local runs are free:

I paddled the entire length two years ago. What stretch are you thinking about doing? I left one vehicle at a park at the beginning and left a vehicle at a marina on the Ohio river at the end. It is a fun trip. If I recall I think it took me four days.