Any one ever add booties to a dry suit?

is it hard to do?


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more so than replacing a neck gasket. Cut off the ankle gasket leaving about an inch of latex to allow the the bootie to overlap and bond with the use of Aquaseal. Make sure you lightly sand the bonding surface. Stretch the ankle opening out with a plastic bottle, wrapped with some foam if necessarly, to ensure that your have a relatively smmoth surface to work with. Apply the Aquaseal on both surfaces, then pull the opening of the booty over the 1" surface latex area of the ankle area. Should be ready overnight.

You can order latex booties from:

You may also find directions at:


Easy and … another use for duct tape!
Sing is right. It was easy. Lacking the right size bottles, I used wide rolls of duct tape, inserted into the ankles, as forms for gluing on the booties. I just took off or added tape to each roll to make it the rights size for a perfect fit!

adding welly boots
is even easier. I cut them down to just over ankle high, then stuff them full of towels to hold their shape whilst glueing the latex ankle seal (may neeed trimmimg).

I find having integral boots very handy, but it would not do for kayaking I guess, having big rubber boots on your feet. Great for open boat though.

Like they all said, it’s not hard to do.

I replaced my booties last year and for some reason I couldn’t fit the bottles I had. Don’t quite remember why. Something to do with getting them out afterwards.

Anyway I used balloons in the ankles and that worked pretty well.

My feet are warm and dry!

I’ve posted pics of the procedure…
…in my Dry Suit Repair album on Webshots at:

The album is on the second page. As others have said, it’s an easy procedure. I highly recommend OS Systems latex booties, since they’re high quality and are available in a broad range of sizes.

Thanks everyone