Any one paddle a Bell bucktail?

I found one for sale for $850. It weights 24#. I am interested but have no experience with a pack canoe. The Bell website has no info I can find on the boat.

Reviews section here on Pnet

I read the reviews
However, there are folks here on the advice board with more knowledge than many of the reviewers. I respect them and thier knowlege. I count you one. Sorry that it gets old posting to repeat topics. I understand that.

Just bought a Bucktail
I just bought a like new (only used 3 times) Bell Bucktail pack canoe, and haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I read a lot of reviews on it, and folks have been quite happy with it. I needed something that I could manage on my own, and this fit the bit quite nicely.

The man who I bought it from gave me his double paddle, but I am not sure if it is long enough. I hope to get it out on the water this weekend (with my two dogs) so we will see how it goes!

I have rented them several times for 2 weeks. Very nice stable boat. Not the fastest pack boat out there, but fast enough. Good cargo capacity too. The back rest and seat are very comfortable. Get at least a 230 kayak paddle or even longer. You will enjoy the boat very much.