Any one try ????

I having trouble find a Perception Carolina 14.5 in smoke/blue color in my area. So i’ve been looking online.

Has anyone ever bought a boat from Ourdoor Play?

They also have free shipping on boats… Too good to be true?



While I’ve never bought…
…a boat from them, I delt with them frequently

and found them to be #1.

I have bought new boats (a Prijon Barracuda)

from and got shipping free.

It’s not too good to be true.

And they have some terrific deals at outdoorplay.

Thanks for our responce. Did u have it shiped to your house?

Is there any other online shops that ship kayaks?



Lot’s do …
for instance, my local shop does.

…right to the door. The guy delivering it

wanted to know where the motor went.

Outdoorplay is top notch
Never bought a boat from them, but have spent a great deal of money with them. You won’t find better customer service. Fast shipping as well.

buying local is best

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see if a local shop can come close to their price.

Otherwise they are one of the finest shops on the net.

Not sure about this…
but I think someone said they don’t charge for shipping but they DO charge for packing or wrapping or something like that… anyway, there was a “hidden” cost. I’m thinking that was Outdoor Play but could be mistaken. Worth asking about.

I have ordered a boat from them and got it fine but shipping is only free to buisness address.

They only charged $25.00 to ship to my house and no sales tax. I have ordered other things from them also and had no problems,they even refunded my three day shipping when a package got stuck out west in a snow storm.They are a top notch outfit.

Good luck


Outdoor Play

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I have ordered several items from them over the last two years and I have been very satisfied with their service. About two years ago I ordered a large kokatat dry top from, and when it arrived I tried it on and it was too small. I called them and let them know that I was returning the top and that I would need an extra-large top. I received the new XL top before I even had a chance to return the other top that was too small. That is good service...


If you’re a member…

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of Paddling Perks (available thru this site), you can get a 15% discount on accessories and a 10% discount on boats, plus free shipping at Outdoorplay. Not sure if the free shipping applies to boats, though.

The bigger question as I see it is…
…why in the name of God would you want a Perceptioon Carolina 14.5? Sheesh.

Oh, a YANKEE that explains it…
…LMAO…Nothing wrong with a Carolina 14.5, I could buy a better boat, for a LOT more money, but why? I’m too abusive to my boat to go with a composite/gel coat hull…When I take up racing (Not likely) I’ll look into a faster hard hull.

Boats are like cars…what you intend to do with them and your personal desires colors the decision to buy…Peace out! :slight_smile:

Just placed my order…
Just Ordered the Carolina 14.5 w/ Rudde. Even after shipping it was still cheaper then the local shops in my area. Plus i get the color i wanted…

You know where i’ll be in 7-10 days once it arrives

Thanks for everyones posts.