Any opinion on ACR RescueME vs ResQlink (or others)

I am going to be doing some paddling in waters away from home and thought I’d finally take the plunge, so to speak, and get a PLB. The two that seem most suitable are the ACR models - the ResQlink and RescueMe - and both are available for pickup at my local REI. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why one might be better than the other, or important features, or if there are other models that you think are better. Looking at the small number of reviews on the REI website, it appeared it might be easier to activate the RescueQLink than the RescueMe although there was a comment about the RescueMe being possible to activate unintentionally. Anyway, appreciate any input.

I have a couple of the original Res-Q-Link, the newer one of which had a flotation back cover. The current model 400 is a little larger and has flotation built in to the design. Battery life is 5 years. I have a new battery installed by a pro service center for about $110. Antenna wraps around the body, unhook it and twangs open, then flip it upright. Can’t accidentally set it off unless you unhook the antenna then flip it up to expose the button.

The Rescueme is a bit smaller, has a 7 year battery life, does not float unless it’s wearing its little vest. The antenna spools out and winds back in. Guessing a few more parts and they warn against just shoving the antenna back in or things will break. Flip the door open and push the button and it goes off. I don’t know how well it would transmit if accidentally set off without the antenna extended though.

Transmission specs are the same for both. The Rescueme is smaller but think for boating, I’ll stick with one that inherently floats.

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