Any opinions on Stella sea kayaks and their multi-sport layup.

Still boat dreaming and looking at/for local dealers. Was wondering if anyone had opinions on the Stellar S18 and S16 and their multi sport layup. It looks a lot like a layup we used to use some in kayak polo (boats took a beating in that game). I will most likely paddle a mix of bays (with oyster reefs) and damned rivers (with hidden submerged dead trees), might mix some class nothing moving water in (with rocks)

I am 220lbs and no longer a high performance engine. I like fast, but recognize my fast is no longer race fast.

I had an S18S and thought it was great. Very rigid and tough .Ran it over some rocks I didn’t see , got hung with my 230 lbs and got some minor scratches.

Still waiting to hear back from the dealer (Stellar’s Facebook page she wed them picking up a trailer load of boats a couple of months ago-so hopefully they are a live and thriving business, not just a couple paddlers looking for their boats at wholesale and a tax deduction). Likewise I have to wonder how easy it is to get a specific layup (lead times for production, plus enough orders to fill the shipping container (30ish kayaks)

3 years ago I tried to wait for the next container from a different company. The orders never materialized and the complete line was dropped. On the flip side, years ago was part of a 10 boat order which we air freighted for way less than a fractional container. Luckily someone else delt with customs.

Called the local dealer. They had 7’ of water in their house from Harvey. They just got new cell phones and replaced destroyed cars today. Guess I can not blame them for not answering emails (computer has not been replaced yet). Good news, all but one boat made it. Personal boats stayed within fence, and company boats were not flooded.