Any outfitters in St George or Kanab UT

Flying into Las Vegas Thursday, driving strait to Kanab Creek wilderness Area and need to find Isobutane fuel canisters. Any Ideas?

Vegas should have several camping stores etc. Check the phone book at Vegas Airport. Vegas is a huge rock climbing area so many climbers from all over come there…i.e so there is a place where they get fuel. There may be an REI store there.

TO get to Kanab you have to go thru Springdale which is the border town to ZION N.P. There IS a gear supply store there …i cant remember the name but its big since they guide hikes and climbs in the area. I know they have fuel there, if seen it when there. Maybe google “zion outfitters” to get the name and contact info ahead of time. This would be better than driving around shithole vegas looking for the store.

Hope this helps. Kanab MAY have a gear supply since its a popular place but ive never felt welcomed in that town. The locals are still pissed that Clinton desigated it a national monument and the local mormons are not gree-friendly as they are in Springdale.


I’ll check it out.

Sports Chalet
Off of Sunset in Henderson. Don’t bother looking in Las Vegas.

Zion Outdoors in Springdale. Sports Chalet is a little more out of the way. Thanks all.

There’s a giant
Bass Pro shop store south on the 15 too, not far from the REI.