Any Ozark Rendezvouers Coming Via KC...

…that would have rack space for a canoe? If interested in giving a Wood & Canvas Pal a ride for some gas $$ shoot me an e-mail.

I emailed Terry.


It’s a question of rack space. I know the max I can carry are two Mad River Freedom Solo/Guide canoes. I know I can’t carry my Freedom Solo or my Mohawk Solo 14 with a 16 foot Old Town Penobscot.

If you can’t find an alternative I may be able to carry both with one of the canoes resting on the other. Kansas City to Dora is about 280 miles. I think it’s doable, but you might not want to do the lean one canoe on the other with a wood and canvas canoe.

Let me know what you decide.

Thanks, Vic
Brad and another guy that LIVES in KC have e-mailed me, so looks like I’m “Good!”