Any paddlers here use Motionize Edge?

If so, am very interested in your opinion.

There are two reviews here, but they deal with the older (more expensive) model.



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I'd try it out if it were a lot cheaper (I'm not saying it's too expensive, only that that's the case based on my own needs).

Oh, on looking at it again, I see that it most likely uses the paddle-position sensor rather than detected surges in speed as part of calculating stroke rate, so being designed for kayaks, it probably wouldn't work for me anyway.

Back when I was getting a feel for my first "good" boat, my 12-foot "Vermont Packboat", I found myself curious about distance traveled per stroke, and with the help of a GPS, I did just that. The hardest part was not losing count of my strokes so they could be averaged over a measured distance of three or four miles. To avoid losing count, I assigned each new batch of 100 strokes to one of my gunwale screws! Very low-tech indeed. Since I only did it once, I still remember that at that particular pace I was getting a little more than 22 feet per stroke (a big improvement over the approximately 8 feet per stroke I'd gotten in the Jonboat I'd been rowing for years, which until I got the Vermont Packboat, I had thought was pretty good).

I bet a person who thinks things through could shed bad habits pretty quickly with that device. I must admit, though, that I chuckled upon seeing "10 mph" being implied as the indicated speed of someone paddling a touring kayak. Maybe they were in a favorable current ;)

yeah I chuckled too
ten miles an hour is bookin’

Surfski maybe
but most definitely not in my 14’ boat, which takes mucho effort to get to 5 mph.