any perception koho owners out there?

have the islander moku
which is the same boat, perception "absorbed "Islander a few years back. It’s a fun little boat.

ah nice.
i was just curious how the bottom of your hull is shaped. It seems like parts of it are actually slighty concaved. it arrived this way new, and just wanted to make sure thats normal, despite it looking somewhat irregular. thanks.

concave? will have to look
but I don’t recall any concaves, what area?

i may have to take a photograph.
like on the bottom there are two tracks almost, with the scupper holes spaced evenly along them. from each one set of scupper holes to the next, the hull slightly concaves, or bends inward.

jpk1080, you are right,
there is a very slight concave at the start and end of those channels on both sides. look like it’s a design feature, it’s so consistant on all four spots. why it’s there? don’t know? maybe the company rep can say why.