Any pics of Wenonah Canoes?

Any pics of Wenonah Canoes? I think I’m gonna pull the trigger and order a Wenonah Kingfisher canoe this weekend. I’m still trying to decide on the color. I think I have narrowed it down to Burgundy, Ivory, Alaskan Ivory and Sand. Would like to see some real pics of these canoes in these colors. I’m probably going to order the Kevlar Flex-core model. Any pics of Wenonah Canoes to help make my decision will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Right now, I’m pissed at Wenonah.
Ordered and end cap for my canoe two weeks ago, they sent the wrong one, said they would send out another, and haven’t. Ignoring emails too.

Got the green, so can’t help you with colors. Would have bought it if it had been pink, though.

Good price.

Interesting boat. Let us know how it

You didn’t ask for red!
I’d like to help you out, but I have one that is red and one that is ‘au naturale’.

Lots of people told me not to get red because it really shows scratches. They’re right - it is all scratched up. But even with the scratches, it looks really nice out on the water (If it were a woman, we would say she has aged well, and laughed alot).

Yes, I know! The correct answer is “The color don’t matter as long as you’re out there paddlin”.

Here are a few
Some We-no-nah canoes on the river.

Ivory will show the least scratches
most colors will show a white when scratched, so they will stand out more on anything darker than the ivory (white).

My Vagabond
in alaskan ivory royalex was sure pretty but it looks real bad after all the scratches it got on the oyster reefs I fish near. They are like sharp razor blades NOT the best material for this area.

pink one …
… then then they could call it the Vagibond. What’s that woman’s name in Wenonah marketing …?

if I remember correctly …
You were talking about using this boat around Assitique and other sandy conditions. You may not get much in the way of bottom scratches to make the darker colors look beat.

But on the other hand, I thing you were talking about hauling crab traps up over the sides. Now there you may get a lot of scratches up where you can really see them. Even though (IMO) the darker colors are nicer looking when new, you may want to get a lighter color for your intended use … especially with kids hauling traps over the side.

will ivory look dirty vs burgundy?
Thanks for all the posted links to pics, they are very helpful.

Yep, I posted on the fishing board

that I plan on using it for crabbing. The pic of Ivory with the black aluminum trim sure does look purdy. However, I’m kind of going over my budget getting the Kevlar model and don’t want to spend an extra $70 for the black trim. Any pics of Ivory with the standard aluminum trim?

I was thinking the Burgundy with the silver trim would look good. I plan on leaving it outside under some trees. I would think the ivory white would look dirty after awhile compared to the burgundy. What do you think?

I let you know how it paddles. I do also plan on mounting a trolling motor it.

Wenonahrider, if you got pics of red go ahead post them. I like red but think it will look like pink after a few years. I don’t know, burgundy probably will look funny too once it starts fading. Thanks again for the pics.

black aluminum and the crabs

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Hoisting crab traps up and over the black aluminum trim sounds like a lot of visible scratches to me.

Also, if those are pine trees that you are thinking of leaving the boat under, you may want to reconsider. Pine sap is a PITA. But, even if they are not pine trees, you've got to consider dead branches coming down on that nice kevlar hull.

Ivory with silver aluminum
yeah, I’m thinking I may just get the ivory with the silver aluminum trim. Thanks again for all the feedback.

check out my update on the post above
… regarding storage under trees.

here is burgandy

mine is the ultra light kevlar

I know there were a ton of pics up already, but I like to show off mine.


Like Clarion said, think twice about
leaving the canoe out under the trees. I’ve been though a large branch crushing a glass caone, it ain’t pretty. The tree was evey twenty feet from the canoe.