Any reason not to get a black canoe?

First thanks to all who have helped me out on my first purchase. The advice has been great and I have learned a lot. Especially how to load a canoe safely. In 2005 Old Town made some Black Color Penobscots 16 foot and they have some left over. As I understand it, the 2006 model (no black canoes in 2006) is the same as 2005. Now that I have decided on a 16 foot, I am ready to purchase. Any reason not to get a black one? If I have to add a skid plate in the future, would it be hard to match the color?

Black be cool…
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Ah’ means it be like in “cool” dude. It might git a bit hotter settin’ on yer roof rack in de sun though, but not enough ta fret over. Ah’ knows a guy in me canoo club dat painted an OT Tripper black. Me’ MR Independence is a dark “Indian Brown” - gits a little hot on de roof rack but no problems fer de las’ 10 years. Skid plates kin’ be painted ta match de hull if ye gots a hankerin’ ta do so.

Fat Elmo

Black is for the bad guys. The evildoers. What will people think?

You need to consider your reputation.

You don’t say where you would be paddlin
Believe it or not a black canoe in the southwest would be a very bad idea, black objects absorb a tremendous amount of heat energy in sunny locations. Also not very visible to boaters or rescuers. I’d pass.


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Local lake near Chicago and October camping trips on the Wisconsin river.

red is faster
but black is definitely cooler. Dress all in black, paint your paddle black, and grow a scruffy beard…

nah…you’d just look like Dubside…

i’ve got a black canoe
my Minnesota II is carbon/kevlar and black. i like it just fine.

big black tilley hat too

Black is fine
I have a black Penobscot 16 foot and it is fine. I have also had canoes in red, green, and Alaskan ivory and honestly, in the midwest, I don’t really notice any difference in how hot they get or anything. The black and gold trimmed Penobscot is very sharp looking. Go for it!

Black scratches
Lighter fiberglass colors show scratches less; darker show them more.

Go For It
The inside of the black royalex OT’s is tan, so heat absorption during paddling not a problem. Most Olive colored boats, however, ARE the same color in and out and they ARE very hot in the summer. I had an olive royalex Wenonah Adirondack and it was unbearable to paddle in the Ozarks in mid summer. Go with the black Penobscot, been drooling over them myself! WW

…kevlar skid plates are golden colored and would look good un-painted on that black canoe. WW

once you go black you never go back

Yeah sure, black isn’t very visible to other boaters or rescuers, whatever - it doesn’t show up well in photos!


George Allen
might call it Macacanoe

Webb is right.
I put kevlar skid plates on my black Penobscot and was thinking about painting them until I saw how it looks. It actually looks good! And as Cooldoctor said, it does show scratches but a black magic marker hides them very well.