Any recommendations for a canoe cover

I bought a pack boat canoe and will be storing it upside down (i.e., on the gunnels) on a wall mounted rack outside. I need a cover to provide UV protection. I’d like the cover to be quick and easy to put on and pull off. I think I just want it to cover the outside/hull of the boat so that I can reach up and grab it by the thwarts to take it off the rack. I will not be transporting my boat with the cover on. I’ve looked at the bag lady covers and they seem to fit the bill. For the premium material they are a bit pricey but not unreasonably so IMO and they are custom made for a snug fit. Anyway, wondering what other recommendations people here have that I might want to look at.

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I don’t cover mine but my rack is attached to my boardwalk and is under a shade tree. Around here I see quite a few attached to the back of garages and they build a little shed roof out to give some protection. This fall I thought about putting a tarp over the boats, but figured all that would do is trap moisture in between so I’m going naked for now.

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The Bag Lady/Red Leaf designs covers are awesome and Jeremy and Cassandra are wonderful to work with. I have a kayak cover made by them and it fits perfectly. The canoe covers are a bit different from the kayak covers but I have no doubt it would do exactly what you need it to do.


Poly Tarp. After a year of UV, get another.

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Great lady and paddler

Another high recommendation for the bag lady, excellent quality and excellent protection of your investment.

Something like this may work:

Cover for canoe or doubke kayak - boat parts - by owner - marine sale (

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I have bought some covers that zip up. They collected dirt and did not last. Now I mostly use white canvas tied on with rope. The underside is open for ventilation. I paint most of my canoes to help with UV reistance. Use varnish on wood boats and for rafts add some UV protection. My aluminum drift boat has a cover to protect the paint.

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