Any recommendations for a foam to NDK day hatch cover bond?

During some cowboy scramble practice yesterday, my NDK replacement day hatch cover came off. It is tethered but only by having a big loop go around the entire thing (as there is not hole for the purpose of tethering). I guess the cover flexed in such a way as to allow the tether to come off. After confirming that my other hatch covers do not float, I thought it was lost in the drink. I was in shallow enough water to walk around for a while, hoping I’d step on it but never did. Finally, I found that it had landed inside the cockpit. Whew! Anyhow, I am wondering if a 1" thick piece of mini cell, cut in a circle and mounted to the underside of the hatch would provide enough buoyancy to float it should it come off again (and not land in my cockpit). If so, I’m wondering what type of adhesive to use - regular old contact cement or would something else be better? Any thoughts? Thanks.

I have found that double sided Gorilla tape found at most big box stores will adhere to most anything pretty well, but can also be removed with no damage. You could test different thicknesses of foam that way.

If it came off during your practice, you probably caught the lift tab on the hatch cover or snagged the tether cord. I have had part of the day hatch cover’s edge partly lift up for the first reason but it never came off. So now, I position the cover with the tab towards the front.

If the tether is thin bungie cord, check that it has not become too old and stretched out. It might simply be tied a bit too loosely, which is easily adjusted. The tether is good insurance for if a cover flies off while transporting the kayak on a car or trailer. I had to search for mine off the side of a highway when I didn’t have it sealed shut. Did that only one time…

Good tip! Thanks. The tether is not shock cord, but I’ve retied it with a taut line hitch to ensure that I can snug it up as snug as it can get.

If the hatch cover is getting older, one option is to replace with a sea-lect lid that is lighter and has internal and external attachment points. I prefer them to the stock hatch covers, although my NDK covers have proven very durable.