Any recommendations for kayak cart/wheels?

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a kayak cart that is quick and easy to attach to the boat. I mostly would use it for short trips from my truck to the beach or possibly ramp (or from my backyard to truck, etc.). It doesn’t need to fit inside the boat. I just want ease of use.

I bought one on Amazon for $60. It’s pretty generic, and there are a bunch in there. I don’t know how much quicker it is than others to get the kayak on it, but it’s pretty simple to just put the kayak on it and wrap a strap around the cart and kayak. On two occasions I have brought it out on the water with me. The wheels come off with a pin and fit inside the kayak. The frame I just slid under my deck bungees.

I have a couple of carts and I’ve looked at other people using various carts. You asked specifically for quick and easy and I think this cart is the quickest and easiest for me. Added bonus, the wheels quickly detach and because it folds long and skinny, it fits in narrow cramped hatches through smaller and oval hatch openings. I’ve gotten many positive comments on it at the launch spots.

I started out with a Wheeleez mini cart with Tuff Tires, then bought a Wheeleez beach cart with the big fat sand tires. While both carts worked, I wasn’t fond of either and plan to sell both this spring.

The cart that has worked best is my Seattle Sports all terrain cart with 16" solid airless wheels. The wheels will come off but I’ve had no need to do that. I like the height of the cart and the ease of loading and securing my boat. It’s been great moving my boat from the porch where it’s stashed in the summer to my car, and on occasion getting my boat from my car to the water’s edge.

Many times have I mentally thanked whoever invented the wheel.

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I got the $40 one off Amazon that folds up with removable air tires. I modified it by adding 4 ropes with loops on the end to make rigging 2 short hook type cam straps across the tops. Much easier than trying to get underneath and hooking a strap around the aluminum frame and with the 4 ropes all the same length it is easier to judge when the canoe or kayak is centered.

When we unload in a parking spot we put the canoe on the dolly then load up the canoe with gear and cooler then add gear to the rec-kayak and set it on top of the canoe and put a single hook cam strap over it connecting it to the canoe. We have loops attached to each end of the canoe and she takes the front and I take the back and off we go. Once at the waters edge it breaks down quick and the dolly cart wheels come off the frame folds and I toss it in the canoe along with the straps and we are in the water and out of others way nothing flat. Other people have their cars down there or are making trip after trip to their cars bringing stuff. :canoe:

The Wheeleez carts work really well and can come with a variety of tires for different terrain. They do tend to be a bit expensive though and if you search for kayak carts online you will see many other brands that look identical for a much lower price.

For a tip to modify this type of cart to make strapping it on and making it much more secure check out this article.