Any reviews on the Equinox 160t?

I’ve been thinking of getting a kayak for a while, and Costco has a deal on Equinox 160t, tandem sit-on-top 13’ 4", rotomolded. I’ve searched around online for reviews of this model, but no luck. Found here – – on the company site, not to be confused with the Eddyline Equinox kayaks –

I’m not looking for anything fancy, just something for me and my wife to take along the coast on the weekends. I’m 6’ 2", and between the two of us, we’re about 400lb - what is the general weight limit for tandems? The Equinox site doesn’t list carrying capacities.


equinox @ costco
Our local Costco (Columbus, OH) has the Equinox 12’ single. It sells for $399 with a paddle and foam roof rack. I too tried to find something about this brand and came up empty. Despite the fact that the company is headquartered in Quebec I think the carton said Made In China on it. How much was the tandem? Did it come with any accessories? The 12’ Equinox looks pretty good, seems to be well equipped etc etc. Have absolutely no idea how it is in water. But it has a flat, almost concave, bottom. That seems kinda strange but perhaps its supposed to make it stable? I am a bit leery of recommending it to friends without some more info.

Quinox 160
According to their web site, they indicate a max of 475 lbs.






Equionox 160T
Which Costco did you find the 160T at? My location Federal Way, WA only has the 124 (smaller one)?

Nfo on equinox 160T
I just purchased 1 last week. I have been looking 4 some nfo on this kayak but like, couldn’t really find anything. Anyhow, between my wife and i we are about 450lbs and we’re quite athletic. We took the kayak about 6hrs of straight paddling pretty much except for adjusting our seats. This is our first experience so i don’t know if there are lighter or more efficient kayaks but we loved it and are going to purchase another 1. It performed great for us in a lake with some strong current towards the end of our trip that whipped us around a bit (current coming from Folsom dam near some rocks) but no problems. Never had any problems with stability either even though i tried rocking it. I’m going to try it in the ocean this Memorial weekend and take my chances since it performed so well. It’s not recommended for whitewater though and meant for lakes, streams and enclosed waters. Hope this helps!

4got 2 mention
the capacity is 475lbs, weight is 70lbs, 12.25 inch height, 160 inches long. Since u r taller than i, i recommend getting a higher seat for your back which can be purchased separately. The one coming with it did not have quite enough support for my wife and i, but then again, we were kayaking for nearly 6 hours.

10 ft equinox

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I've paddled the equinox 124 several times now and I'm very happy with it. It is very stable even in 2 ft ocean swells. Tracks well and has a built in bulkhead and two separate hatches for storage. It is an extremely versatile boat. I haven't tried it in whitewater as I don't paddle that very often but on lakes and ocean bays it is an incredible performer. didn't seem to turn that good paddling backwards but does any kayak?
I am now interesting in purchasing the equinox 160 as a tandem but am concerned because it is an "open" design. haven't seen much info on it