any Sarasota, FL paddlers?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve been doing more swimming than paddling for the last year. After providing kayak support for MIMS (6 times), the NYC Triathlon (9 times) and many other swims, I find myself on the other side now.

On April 2nd, 2016 I’m registered for a 7 mile swim race around Lido Key, FL in the Sarasota area. I use the word race in air quotes, I’ll probably take 4 hours. I’m looking for kayak support for the swim. Basically someone to maintain a distance of about 6-8 feet from me to help with navigation, carry several bottles of liquid (I’ll drink something every 30 mins or so) and maybe a sandwich or energy bar.

I’ll probably take about 4 hours, though I’ll be working hard over the winter to get more speed.

Anyone able, interested? Here’s the link to the race site:



Contacted some friends…
Hello Lyn,

I shared your post with a few of my kayaking buddies in Sarasota. They said that one of them might be able to help. I sent you an email for contact info.


Greg Stamer

Orlando, Fl.

Another thing
Yet another thing to be thankful for. Much appreciated Greg. Enjoy the holiday!

Now, on my way to paddle off the excesses of last night’s dinner!