Any Sea Kayak rentals in Maine

I’m having a surprisingly difficult time on the web finding a place that rents sea kayaks in Maine. I will be there for a week in August and would like to do a multiday trip ideally, or at least a few day trips. I’m not really interested in a tour. Any suggestions?


Where in Maine?
It is not a small state. It takes all day to get from one end to another.

Midcoast in Georgetown, Brunswick, Small Point and Sebasco Estates

There are several rentals Downeast. Its been talked about here in the past.

There is one that everyone liked and I forget the name of.

Where in Maine indeed
I’m coming from out of state, so I could be anywhere. I plan to join MITA and have a Maine Coast DVD on order from Amazon and have been looking at stuff on the Internet to help me decide. I don’t really know the most scenic areas, but that’s where I’d like to head. I will be there on business in Waterville, then may head to Belfast to try a kayak that I am interested in but is not sold anywhere around where I live, then will go to Millinocket for a moose tour and then to the coast - initially to the Bar Harbor area and north for a Puffin tour and maybe a whale trip. That will mostly be with my wife (and if there are any suggestions for a cozy coastal secluded cabin rental in the downeast part, that would be helpful also). Then…wherever the paddling is good. I hear Penobscot Bay is especially nice, so thats high on my list right now. As I think I indicated, I’d like to do a 4-5 day camping cruise, ending up in the same spot I start, preferably without retracing my wake. But, I could also do day trips in a really nice area, maybe in the Acadia/Bar Harbor area…keeping my tent setup somewhere for several days and not dealing with the hassle of breaking camp every morning…and eating yummy restaurant food.

I will check out the links.


kayak rentals in Maine
Tons of rental places but they are all closed for the winter. So you probably will have difficulty making contact.

SeaSpray in Bath/Brunswick is run by a great guy and there are many others up and down the coast, which at 3500 miles, is longer than California’s. You will find a lot of options this spring when they rental places open back up for business.

kayak maine
You can’t go wrong at Bar Harbor. Plenty of rental places. Also great cycling (you can rent bikes) on the carriage roads. Penobscot Bay also good for paddling. Check out Stonington (east side of Penobscot Bay) or Camden (west side). East side has more paddling options (my opinion), west side has more culture (restaurants, art galleries, etc)

Plenty of places to stay.

When it Millinocket, consider a hike at Baxter State Park. Worth it. Then go rafting on the Penobscot. Perfect two days.

For a first time tour I would head
for Stonington. Reserve early. Its very nice to camp at Isle Au Haut and do day trips. Sheep Island was (not sure its still open) a very nice MITA island.

Old Quarry is a good bet

Or just grab a yak from Seaspray enroute and go to Muscongus Bay. Plenty of MITA islands there and its possible to visit some towns for eats.

Pen Bay is not my favorite. Its a wide open ten mile crossing unless you approach from Lincolnville to Warren Island.