Any Shearwater photo's?

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i'd like to see more pics of the Swift Shearwater but all i can find is the one on the Swift web site. Can anyone point me to some other pics?

Some pics
Here’s one, third boat up (red)

And another

One in the background

And one in the foreground

Probably enough for now.


thanks! it’s never enough! where were those taken? how do you like your shearwater?

It’s not my boat
You can hail Wesd here on the board or email him. It’s his boat, and I’m pretty sure he won’t ever part with it.

The pics were taken at several locations (upper Allegheny River, PA and Raystown Lake PA).


Here ya go…
Have a look at the two Colorado River Albums, two Shearwaters, Osprey’s and mine. Also Canoes on the Bay album.


great photo’s! Thanks! Where did you pick up your Shearwater or did you have it shipped? Wondering what it wold cost to ship to the west coast.

Re: Shearwater
Howdy Boo,

I was fortunate to buy mine used way down here. The guy I bought it from lived in East Texas. I did look into a Hemlock Canoe and shipping was not terrible, but was going to add 300 bucks or so to the price. Keep looking, hopefullt you will find one.

More of the famous red Shearwater

A Few More

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A few more pictures of Bryan's Shearwater in the Colorado album.

Hey everyone…Thanks! Those pics are very helpful!

A Shearwater looks a lot like a
Wenonah Voyager.

Looks maybe…
but the Shearwater is decent river boat, quick snappy eddy turns and moderate tracking with a bit of rocker, in a quartering sea it can be pain. Good fishing boat.

Shearwater nothing like a Voyager
Hmm well they are both large solo open canoes. But where the hull meets the water They are about as different as it gets.

I’ve not paddled the Shearwater but based on it’s similarity to my Osprey I’ll guess that it’s quite manuverable, pretty efficient and reasonbly untroubled by the wind. It probably requires a bit of attention to maintain it’s course.

The V’ger OTOH is a rocket sled that will go and go but I wouldn’t want to have to take it through even an easy rock garden.