Any SoCal lake and reservoir kayakers here?

I’ve kayaked some of the regional reservoirs, like Cachuma, Hodges, and Isabella. I have also kayaked the Port of Los Angeles a few times. in fact, doing so tomorrow morning. (Yes, it is legal.) I have also kayaked the Sierra mountain reservoirs Wishon and Courtright.

I would really like to take a trip up the the Sacramento–San Joaquin delta. I haven’t done that yet. I would also like to get to some of the more mountain reservoirs. Some Class 1 rivers would be great, too.

If there’s anyone here that would appreciate a safety partner, let me know. I am an experience camper and intermediate kayaker, having canoed and kayaked since i was a kid (currently mid-50s male). I have a 13ft SOT and a very good quality inflatable, if you have been trying to get a friend into kayaking, but lack the spare boat.

I’m a intermediate level kayaker in the Culver city area and could be interesting in kayaking the Sacramenta delta or maybe some other rivers.