Any takers on the 15' cedar sea kayak?

Estate sale today…cheap!

Custom made 15 ft. cedar sea kayak

List brand, model, dimensions, construction, etc. and move to classifieds. Also, weigh it exactly—45 lbs is a bit heavy?

Not custom
That’s a Vietnamese-built sea kayak that was brought to market a couple of years back. As I recall, it is about 25" wide; 45 pounds seems heavy. The outfitting seems OK, but who knows the quality of the hull design.

It was being sold by a kayak dealer on the south shore of LI, and I saw one on display at Paragon Sports at Union Square in Manhattan. I believe the price was around 2500-3000 new, so the estate sale price seems high.

If you miss that, go to eBay
for the $7,500 skin on frame that I saw listed. It is lighter than this one -:wink:

Joke aside, folks can ask whatever they want for their boats. The materials would only be a few hundred dollars (unless some exotic stuff is used). But what price does one put on their craftsmanship and time to build one of these???

I think they will be lucky to get $1000
Looks like a rec style boat, but not as comfortable as a rec boat and not a known design. the fact that it was only paddled twice makes me think it did not paddle well or it was pretty uncomfortable.

I know stripper boats can be stronger and lighter than other composite boats, but unless the build and design are known I’m not certain any paddler would lay out that much without a long test paddle.

As I recall, the boats were factory-made in Vietnam, so originally the money would have gone at least partially to locals there, with a big chunk to importers. But that money was earned long ago. At an estate sale, the money doesn’t go anywhere near the talent that made the boat, so the price has no relation to skill, just profit for the estate.

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