Any thoughts about the Old Town Cayuga?

Does anyone have any thoughts/info about the new Cayuga from Old Town? I am also considering a WS Tsunami, but thought the Cayuga sounded interesting from the little I could find. I am looking to move up from my Loon.

Fun little boat
I’d stick with the 14. It’s actually a really decent boat to paddle, as is the Tsunami. Spend time in each, and rest assured that you can’t go wrong with either.

I like the
Cayuga 146

not quite apples and oranges, but…
two very different boats. The Cayuga is much more “rec” than ‘touring’, and would be a good fit for someone who’s really only planning on paddling smaller lakes or rivers. The Tsunami 140 is more of a short touring kayak, and is going to be more responsive in big water situations. The fits on these two boats are also very different, so until you’ve tried both on (and, hopefully test paddled the two side by side), it would be impossible to know which would be the better fit.

I have paddled the Cayuga 140. Nice boat It tracks real well. So much so it doesn’t like to turn quick without a good lean. Goes through the water nice, Backwards it turns on a dime. It’s a comfortable boat! Nice paddled thigh braces. And was a comfortable boat to roll in.

The seat if it’s the Extra sport seat though comfortable does not fit the cockpit well. If you lean back hard or do a back deck roll the top of the seat starts to peals off. They have put a real seakayak style seat in the Hydrolite version.

The hatch covers are presure seated seals. As in covers with a foam gasket held down by straps on top. Never did like this design though easier to use than the tupperwere style. Don’t feel they stay dry well.

Understand I Love Old Town boats!! I own 6 of them. And I know this sounds like I’m dissing them but I have to call it the way I see it. Good material nice designs. Heavier than most, Good quality, They just seem to blow it with hatches or seats in thier seakayaks. To anyone at Old Town listening. Rec boats nice job. Tweener boats good job, Seakayaks need to be made to handle Sea conditions.

I haven’t tried the WS Tsunami so I can’t say.

These are just my personal opinions. Good Journey’s


Thanks for sharing!
Are there any other kayaks that are similar in size, price, and style to the OT Cayuga or WS Tsunami 145 that anyone would recommend? I plan on going to a few demo days this spring to “test drive” a few and would love to narrow the options down with a list of suggestions!


What’s a Tweener Boat?

Tweener boats are paddled by tweener

Tweener boat
Between a rec boat and a seakayak but not either

In the Old Town Line it’s the XL Aventures 125-139 & 160XL’s Nice boats everything a seakayak has but is wide in the middle (Very stable) & has a larger cockpit like a Rec boat. And they handle very well. Tracks, Turns, Great boat for people between recreational and serious paddling.Hence Tweener :slight_smile: