Any Thoughts on A Current Design Zone SOT Kayak

Saw one for sale, a SOT Current Design , not a lot of info out there. TIA

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I am a long time SOT paddler and found a Zone to try. It has the stability of a tame surf ski , A bit twitchy if you are used to stable boats.
I don’t remember why, but I didn’t like the seating. I think it might have been similar to a slick floor.
They were beautiful boats but if you are interested, make sure you paddle it.

Thanks String, I will try to paddle it, my goal is a extra boat but I was thinking maybe using it in cold weather paddles ( with proper clothes ) bc it may be easier for reentry as a SOT vs my other Kayaks, would probably use it mostly on the Delaware bay, we shall see thanks again. It seems pretty wide so was hoping for some stability.

One on eBay now

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Seth, I hope you are a very accomplished by paddler. That one will be a challenge.