any thoughts on down sleeping bags...

for taking on a kayak camping trip just to cut down on space? would these be warm enough in late fall ground camping? what do like or use for a sleeping bag?

sure they would
Syn, or Down will be fine as long as it is in the temp rating. You want to make sure a down bag stays dry otherwise it won’t help much.

Have Had My North Face Down Bag…
…since '76. Last used for 3 day trip last week. Most of it’s lifetime has been in humid climates, except the year I lived in Colorado. Probably average of 40 nights use per year, plus it is usually in my truck “Just in case” from October through April. Don’t think there are many 33 year old synthetics out there that are still being used. Keep it reasonably dry, dry it out before storing, store it on a hanger in the closet, and don’t be fetish about washing it all the time, use good down soap and dry with tennis balls and it will last a lifetime. We have the the the 33 year old North Face and a “Youngster” that’s a mere 24 or 25 years old. Nothing feels like down when it’s cold and no synthetic will compress down like it. WW

Down is the only way to go if $ is no object. Go with western mountaineering, marmot, mountain hardware or north face. Get your sleeping bag it’s own sealine and you’re good to go.


thanks…i love down but was just
wondering if that’s what people are using when they have limited storage in a kayak. i have had my ems sleeping bag long before kayaking came into my life and now i am trying to mesh the two. not working so great i’m afraid. but i cinched, hopped on it and squished it in the ways possible and it just squeaked in. wow, now i am exhausted! :slight_smile:

Yep, down is nice . . .
. . . I carried a Kelty Light Year 45 on my trip down the Mississippi. Carried it in a Sea to Summit compression bag. Temperatures got down into the 20s at night in Minnesota. Had to dry it in the sun a few times. You can get that bag for around a hundred bucks on sale.

guess i’m gonna start my holiday
list early. dear santa, all i want is : then the list rolls down and down and down. ha ha !!

I didn’t really need the extra space, but it is nice. My TNF synthetic 25 degree bag was at the absolute limit of fitting in my boat and I replaced it with a 40 degree Marmot down bag two years ago.

It’s pretty amazing, and actually a warmer bag. In one of the Sea to Summit compression dry bags, it packs down to the size of a canteloupe. The other bag just barely fit thru the hatch of my Explorer, and was a tight fit between the rear deck and the hull.

I like Mountain Hardwear Lamina
and UltraLamina sleeping bags. They are great for camping in damp environments, pack down almost as well as down, and are much more affordable than down.

The Sea-to-Summit eVent compression bags are great as well.

Another vote for down
One of my bags is a Sierra Designs that I’ve had for years. In an OR compression dry bag, I could put it into my day hatch if I wanted to and it’s perfectly adequate for moderate temps.

i just bought a synthetic
northface bag (ouch!) and it doesn’t squish as small as down it works. thanks folks.