Any tips on a wooden kayak paddle?

Just wondering if anyone would like to share a tip about a wooden kayak paddle. I’m thinking about getting one for flat water paddling. Thanks, and Happy Paddling!

I like my Sawyer
It was a Christmas gift from my wife a few years ago. And it is nice for short day paddles in a rec boat. I currently use it for short day paddles in my Arctic Tern. But its limitations are more obvious in my faster, narrower Tern than they were in a wider plastic boat. A fiberglass/carbon paddle is on my Christmas wishlist this year–hopefully an Onno.

I like my Beale
been using the GP a bit because of an injured shoulder. Really helps.

I like my bending branches
comfortable and attractive and available at my local outfitter with no problems.


Second Beale
If you were looking for a Greenland paddle, Beale is by far the most popular manufactured GP out here on the West coast. Very nice guy and makes a nice paddle. He also runs and/or teaches a lot of the Greenland paddling seminars in the Oregon and Washington area.

Paul S.

I like these
Barb and Dale fox of Foxworx

Any tips on a wooden kayak paddle?
typically two

one at either end

We’ll make a convert out of you yet!
Have you tried rolling with it yet? It is a dream to use.

I’ve owned 2 Bending Branches…
I have owned 2 bending branches Kayak Paddles. I have high regards for them.

Their Special rock resistant tips really keep them in good woprking order for a long time. The furrels are nice and tight!

All replies are positive
Seems that everyone that uses a wooden paddle likes it. I just bought two used Bending Branches paddles and am very pleased with the quality. The warm feel of wood can’t be beat and the ferrule is solid. I made up a pouch from an old beach towel to help protect it from dings during transport. With a little care a good paddle should last a lifetime.