Any Tsunami 160 composite coming?

Is Wilderness Systems coming out with more composite Tsunamis? I have a rudderless polyethylene Tsunami 145, although I probably should have bought the smaller Tsunami 140. I am 5’8" 160 pounds, and I opted for the larger version for occasional kayak camping. Ready to upgrade, I am looking for a non-polyethylene kayak which is lighter, has a skeg or rudder, and yet has many of the positive features of my Tsunami (good balance of stability, tracking, maneuverability, deck rigging, etc.). The local dealer suggests the Currituck by Impex, which I will paddle when the opportunity arises. Some time ago, if I recall correctly, Flatpick mentioned that the Tsunami 160, now available only in polyethylene, will be coming out in composite lay-ups. Anybody have any information or suggestions?

Tsunami models:


roto or composite

yes the 160 or 165 would suit you. I paddle the 160 fine, tho @ 180 I’d probably opt for a 165.


Any chance by April 20-22 in Charleston?
Will the new WS Tsunami composites be at the East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival in Charleston, SC April 20-22? Any other new WS kayaks?

yes and yes
2nd yes is TOP secret and there is 2 of 'em!

I’ve said enough…already!