Any water in the Suwannee River?

Thinking about doing an overnight trip in the near future an was wondering if there was enough water to paddle from HWY 6 Bridge to Cone Bridge.

Thanks in advance.


If no swamp local replies, there are
two ways you can approach this. One is to go to the USGS satellite gauge listings and check the current flows against the flow average for this time of year. Then you can use your own experience, guidebook recommendations, etc. to make a guess about level.

The other approach is to Google sites, including outfitters, who may be able to supply current flow info and tell you what to expect.

River very low,
Go to and click on River levels on the lower right side, it will show the gauge at White Springs, somewhere around 50 feet which is very low. If you click on the lower part of that page at “official water levels” it will show you the daily flows. At 50’ you will probably do some damage to your boat, lots of exposed limestone, be careful.


check out
Check out Bill Logans page:

He says anything below50 is"extremely low" . Then he has several trip reports posted by people who paddled it at 50or below without problems.

We paddled early April
From White Springs to Downing Park with not a lot of problems. Make sure you use a poly boat. You will do some dragging on the rocks and see a little white water. North of white Springs you will do what I call kahicking!