any water proff mp3 players

that you all recommended? i have a little amfm radio because i need tunes where ever i am at.but they dont play my music on the is there a mp3 player that is waterproof that ya all think is worth it? for a kayak

MP3 waterproof case
Relatively decent solution for my Sansa MP3 player

Sprint workouts are better with music

Here is another

Those water proof ones are way too expensive, just pickup a cheapy boom box, stuff a bunch of D batteries in er, strap er to the front of yer yak and blast tunes! Thats what I do, everybody loves it!

DryCase by DryCorp

Use whatever mp3 player you have.

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Pelican 1010…
Only $10… Has the sealed headphone jack aswell. I use this model for my Cosmos Touch & or my Infinity (which ever one I use at the time.

First thing I did when I bought it was, got home, filled it with rice, filled the bathtub & weighted it down in the middle of the tub for 1 hour. Proved it was water tight. I trust it.

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waterproof mp3
I use a Ryobi tec4 mp3 that they sell at home depot. Its water resistant not waterproof. The thing I like about it the must is that the battery last 72 hours, great for a week of camping.I also have the tec4 camera that is waterproof and takes the same battery. I have several other tec4 tools that take the same batterys, so I have about 10 batterys and never have to worry about running out of music.

great advice everyone
thank you so much

Otter box for I pod
water proof and best you still can operate your device. Mine swims with me regularly.

Its mostly hard sided

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Thank you! I’m gonna pick one of those up.

Forget everything I ever said about you. OK only the bad stuff!

cool advice everyone
im so sick of are local into metal music and no stations here even play rock well they play claasic rock .but its hard to get a good mood with classic rock for me

I have a pelican case for my iPhone, it’s got a pass thru headphone connector and I can use the remote control on my headphone wire to control playback. It’s not rated for submersion but it’ll get wet no problem.

You can also find dry pouches that have a headphone connector and they’re flexible so you can use it through the plastic.

If you don’t need a lot of space of functions get a cheap MP3 player (I’ve seen them as low as about 20 bucks) and a dry bag. Cheap out of the gate and if something happens it won’t be a big loss to replace the player.

i have 2
mp3 players one is a creative labs vision m. others is the ipod touch 4g .i think ill do as posted above get a case for one of em