any way to make poly more slippery?

Is there anything (such as wax)that will make the bottom of a poly kayak create less drag?

waxing a hull will create more drag and slow the boat. I don’t know what 303 would do re: hull speed, but it will make it slippery.


does make it slip over rocks easier with maybe a little less scratching

Bout as effective
as increasing your Minivan’s speed by waxing it…

it is probably more effective on the minivan (unless your driving it in a rainstorm). Water beads up on a waxed surface I presume because of increased friction? Anyway, I’m not sure if air hitting the waxed surface of the minivan would have the same effect or not, but it’s possible waxing could improve the minivan speed whereas it will slow a boat hull traveling in water. If you want your kayak to travel faster while on the roof of your minivan and you normally travel in good weather, then, by all means, wax your hull.

We were able to prove that a freshly 303’d Dagger RPM went further than a non-303’d Piedra, Inazone and a Necky RIP when shot downhill on snow to get to the rear entrance to the YMCA last winter. Had there not been a fence in the way, we would have been retrieving it from someone’s back porch.

Don’t know if this works when the stuff is liquid though.

Ok so its a bad idea…
I was just curious if the gap between composite hulls and RM hulls could be lessened with a hull treatment on the RM.At 18ft.x 21 1/2" beam,I wouldn’t exactly call the Norkapp a minivan.

and 303
creates a nice oily sheen

snow yaking
Like Celia said it does work great on snow (303 or wax) yaking much like you would wax a toboggan.


1st time I used 303 then tossed the yak up on the racks…thing slid off those racks… fastest thing I ever saw…

"if the gap between composite hulls and RM hulls could be lessened"

There is no significant “gap”. It has been reviewed with varying opinions all ovr Pnet ad nuseum, but hull studies show little difference, certainly not as much of a factor as hull design. One of the most respected on Pnet, flatpick, will tell you the same. Hull design and engine.

I agree with E_N, above. Tune your engine. And get a great plsstic hull design.

How about Rain-X?
I don’t think the glass treatment Rain-X is recommended for plastic,

but Rain-X is now also making a car wash treatment.

If it has the same effect on plastic that the glass treatment has on glass,

water should slip right past with minimum friction and resistance!