Any Wenonah Advantage owners?

Just picked up 2 of these in kevlar ultralight for my girl and myself. So far we love them. Very efficient with a Zav bent shaft. Regarding trim though, we’re still experimenting. I’m 165, she’s 125. For speed and tracking, I think mine seems good with the seat about 3/4 forward. Hers a little more than that. I know that there are more exact methods to trim but I guess we’re just winging it more with these. Maybe I’m off though as I don’t have much experience with solos. Also, I’m interested in using a double blade every now and then just to mix it up. Although I can get a fairly vertical stroke with this boat, I don’t think it’s quite enough for my wing to be effective. I’m thinking of just using a standard paddle. Maybe an Ikelos or Epic active tour carbon. Any advice on either matter is appreciated.

Thats a lot of boat for a small gal

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The bow is more likely to get blown off course in a headwind with her lighter weight. I am guessing she is below the optimal performance weight for that boat. She would be expected to have better luck with her sitting a little forward to push the bow down just a little.

Thats also a real deep boat for both of you if its empty. Do you have any other load in it?

Perfect trim is all about experimenting and adapting. And its not going to be the same in all wind conditons and directions.

Good question.
I’m still trying to figure out the proper trim in mine. I just got it last summer and haven’t paddled it too much yet.

I’ll try Eric’s suggestion if I take the Advantage out again this season.

I trim mine…
as Eric mentions, but as the hull has no/minimal rocker, I see H2o heading to the bow at rest in mine, and it moves back under way. You might also raise the rear seat rails about a 1/2"+ with some nylon washers, I found it puts me in a seemingly better position for paddling, even though it is a minor adjustment. Adjusted the seat rails on my J-200 with the same results also.