Any west coast EFT's?

I am thinking about ordering an EFT, but I am concerned about shipping a boat from NY to Oregon. Has anyone had problems shipping this kind of boat? How would the stability of the EFT compare to something like the Futura II surfski? I had one for 8 years and found it quite stable. I would also like to see more pictures of the EFT.

EFT shipping
According to their web site they ship them suspended by foam inside a box so the hull/deck does not contact the outer box, and they only top ship them (kayak box is on top of the load/other boxes, not under them). I thought I saw them claim they had never had damage using this method.

in spring I’ll probably order
a kayakpro jet but I plan on driving and picking up

I’m not sure what shipping company Doug uses, as I bought my EFT lightly used from someone who picked it up right from Doug’s shop. I did have a Huki surf ski delivered from CA to CT by Affordable Boat Carriers, and the boat arrived unscathed. I would highly recommend them-they also give you constant updates by email/phone as to the whereabouts of your boat in transit. He had a trailer full of extremely lightweight/fragile surf skis and rowing shells. Jude from Huki said their damage rate is 0%-I’d think that pretty acceptable-smile. You’d have less to worry about with one of Doug’s boats compared to a ski. My EFT is very tough in the kevlar-lots of folks use his boats for downriver races-a testament to their build quality and his skills.

As to stability (EFT vs. Futura II), I have a Futura II in carbon hanging from the hooks in my garage right now-loaner from a friend for my wife. They’re roughly comparable, although the EFT does have a quicker roll rate (slightly less secondary). If I were out in bigger water, I think I’d rather be on the Futura for this reason, and mostly for the fact that my EFT has the tiny overstern rudder and ventilates on a decent sized swells, causing it to broach fairly easily. Affixing a deeper blade helps somewhat if surfing, etc. is your thing, but the hot ticket is the understern. One friend just had his built with both so you can swap over. It takes some time to do this, but it’s a nice feature if you plan on ocean use as well as river races and shallow, rocky areas. My Huki S1-R has the drop in P-41 overstern rudder from Pat at Onnopaddles (a work of art it is-simply beautiful), and of course, the quick change understerns (4" and 8"). Change over for the understerns is 30 seconds; from overstern to understern or vice versa is a couple of minutes at best-great design.

According to Doug;
He has a private carrier that does nothing but haul boats from coast to coast and up and down the coast.

We picked ours up at his shop, but unfortunately that has to go back, so we have to go through it all over again.

Give him a call and discuss delivery with him.



Thats who Doug uses most of the time. Steve has delivered several kayaks for me without a problem.

They wrap the EFT and hang it with straps.

Steve is always on the go but sometimes you have to wait till he is coming your way,Doug usually tells him what boats are ordered so he can work out deliver.If you wait much longer it`ll be late spring to get a boat.

EFT ordered
Well I did it, I called Doug and ordered an EFT. He is back ordered and it will take some time before he can get to it. It was a very interesting 90 minute phone call.

In the Immortal Words…
of Mr. Burns from ‘The Simpsons’: “EXX-CELLENT!”

Let the anticipation begin.

Curious how you spec’d it. One friend just had his built in the late spring. He went for the carbon/kevlar (evil green color), did the hatch, bulkhead with front float bag and front bungees, and also the interchangeable overstern and understern rudders.

You might consider getting your skirt from Doug-the EFT cockpit is rather large and it’s sometimes hard to find a skirt to fit it.

I think you’ll find it a fine, fast boat. Congratulations, and only 90 minutes? :wink:

trust me the wait will kill but it’ll be worth the wait when your crusing faster than you thought possible in a boat that is called a “sea kayak”. I still call Doug for any reason I can just to talk, he’s a fountain of knowledge that you’ve now taped into. Enjoy.

JackL, what happened
to your boat from Doug that you had to take it back and start all over again?

Jeff P.

EFT ordered
I haven’t spec’d it yet. I’m sure that will be another 90 minute phone call and I’m looking forward to it.

my eft
Check results and you will see eft destroying the 20 in wide class. And efts rule the usca 20 in class on flatwater. I really like kevlar for visibilty on big water. Mine has both rudders but switching can be a several hour pain, unless you cut a huge inspection hatch hole. Doug reeally needs the mohican system- 30 seconds to switch from over to under. Doug designed and built and raced the boat that won blackburn 3 years in a row. He knows racing.

I added front and rear bulkheads and added small out of way thigh braces from dagger animas to race on the ocean. Doug hated this but gloucester harbor has huge haystacks from big fast yachts, ferries and 100 ft trawlers. When nailed by huge confusing waves… Keep your elbows high so as not to brace the boat over when pulling boat out of water. Suupose you are sitting still in boat with right blade in water and lift water bottle with right hand and lift right blade out of water at same time… You are levering the boat over at exit of blade.