any1 near McNary Dam or Pasco Wa????

Anyone live near Umatilla and Mcnarry Dam on the COlumbia???

Darrin who is paddling to Key west portage cart axle broke and wondered if anyone can help him get it repaired, borrow or know of buying a dif cart etc??? He headed upstream from the Pacific

Anyway…email me or better yet contact him via his website

hope you can help a fellow paddler out.

done that -hardware store fix
I build my own carts and I use a single solid piece of steel for the axle, having found out also, that a broken axle, especially a cantilevered axle, is the one part on a cart that can’t be jury-rigged.

If he can find a hardware store, he might be able to buy a round steel bar to build a permanent thru-axle with. Don’t know what he has for a cart. Mine had simple cartridge bearings and I found cheap replacements of various sizes (good hardware store or a farm implement shop). I use spring-clips (fancy cotter pins) to keep the wheels on.

Try Desert Kayak and Canoe Club
check with Tri Cities’ Maybe someone there could help. They have a discussion board.