Anybody been fishing this spring ?? ....

… anybody catching any fish ??

Lots of people have
Not me, but lots of people. Actually I got out twice in April before getting knocked out of the “game” for a few months. First trip resulted in a large Potomac smallmouth bass. Second trip was a skunk, but a good time nevertheless. Had a few pickups but was rusty from the winter and missed the hooksets.

Looking to get out again in early June.

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Slow start.
The weather has been a real issue this spring in Western Pa. Lot’s of rain and cold windy days.

Had a few fairly good days trout fishing but can’t wait for the bass fishing to really kick in. I prefer to river fish but the high muddy water has been an issue. This weekend is supposed to be warm and rainfree so i’m hopeing to get out several days.

Good luck to you!

Been out three times. Got skunked the first time. I hope to get out again this weekend.

A lot more than these guys!
Now, by “fishing” I’m not sure what you mean. In general? In a canoe? Kayak fishing? Like salt water and all that jazz?

I stared fishing after a thirty year or so hiatus, this April. I went out on the shore almost every day during the first two weeks of the month hunting trout. Went out about three time a week since. I bought a canoe and tried to fish out of it. That went poorly until I bought an anchor and things were better. I’ve used it a few times now. I caught three fish from it, all on the same day. My wife bought us Kayaks. I took that out today and “fished” from it with no real plan to catch any thing, just looking at the logistics/ergonomics of fishing from the Yak. I don’t think that I like it as much as fishing from the canoe. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

Fist time this week
Got out wice. About a month later than usual. Three trout in two outings.

Been fishing and catching all year
Just got back from picking up my kid at college. Spent Tuesday aftenoon and night at a Nat’l Forest campground on Toledo Bend. Fished about three hours on a creek for bluegill. Took a while to find them, but brought home 13 huge gills, or, as we call 'em Bull Bream. Fun fishing on an ultralight, but won’t get back soon with the price of gas…its 150 miles from home.

Concentrated most effort …
… up in PA. between Harrisburg and the Juniata for Smallies since beginning of Apr. , great bite ( lots of fish ), downright uncooperative weather systems this spring ( Hello there PA.) … 3 L.M.Bass out of Redmans in gale force winds , lol … worked some on the upper Potomac = mid Mar., (Harpers Ferry) 38* water , skunked , late Mar., (Point of Rocks) 41* water/flood , skunked , mid Apr., (Whites Ferry) 45* water , 2 Smallies … late Mar.-early Apr., E.S. pond/lake x 2 = 3 large chain Pike , 4 smaller , half dozen small L.M.Bass … early Apr.-early May , pond/lake x 3 = skunked … this weekend plan is the Yough. 3 night camp/canoe for Smallies (Muskie ??) , if the resivour is drawn down as expected another 3’ or so low camp (Mill Run) will be out from under water , (need pool level at 1441. or lower) …

B.Gills on lite tackle …
… what a blast !! … is there “anything” small in TEXAS , lol ??

Actually, most bream run smaller
8-9" is average when I get into a good batch. These ran up to almost 11". The 13 I kept filled two quart freezer bags after headed and gutted.

first time out this year
Yes I and some friends went to white horse lake near Williams Arizona. We caught 20 trout the first day and atleast 30 the second day, had a great time most of them 12 to 14 inches. We were doing catch and release. last fall I found a patch kit for my old coleman scanoe that had a few cracks at followed the instructions and We were in business,WOW what a trip can’t wait to go again!!

Been fishin’?

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I've been fishing from kayaks for about a year. Just went out with my son this past Sunday, as a matter of fact.

I live a short 20-minute drive away from south Padre Island, so I spend all of my time paddling the bays and estuaries that make up the lower Laguna Madre. My favorite place to launch is from the Adolph Thomae County Park in Arroyo City. It's a three-mile paddle down the Arroyo Colorado to the mouth of the Arroyo, which spills into the lower Laguna Madre. When conditions are good, I paddle east to the mouth and then hook right (south) a couple of miles. I've had good luck with reds and speckled trout in that general area.

This past Sunday, however, we came up empty. We caught a lot of catfish - some fairly large - but not a single fish worth eating. We had fun, but it would have been a lot more fun if we had caught something to barbecue back home.

Just a few weeks ago I caught a 20" red about two miles down the AC. Big monster. It was big to me, anyway. I cut it into two large fillets. I grilled one fillet in aluminum foil smeared with butter, medium heat, on my propane grill for about 13 minutes. Then I cut the fillet in two, gave one to my wife and the other for me. DEE-licious.

As you live in a land where its almost
always summer or springlike as far as temps, fishing year around should be expected. Some of these guys don’t see soft water until May.

Seals - No Fish
My husband got a lot of hits and when he looked at his rubber-like lure, it had bites in the end, so he’s thinking of putting a hook down there and supporting it by linking it with the higher hook so it doesn’t get ripped off the thin rubbery bottom of the lure.

Another kayaker caught a salmon that was too small so he threw it back. Sometimes we see the fish jumping in the water.

It can be hard to fish near land, because the seals will steal your fish. One guy fishing from a pier got his fish taken by a seal just when he was ready to net it. The seals are curious also and are always watching you.


Shoot the damn seals

Oh please, we are having a seal problem now. They are setting up camp where they go upstream. There are people who want to shoot them, but it was decided they can’t.

A few seals were removed and taken to the Columbia River where a few died. At first it was thought they were killed. Then it was decided they died from the heat.

The Indians want to kill whales, but it was decided they can’t, so they are applying again, don’t know if there is a decision yet. There were some Indians that did kill a whale a few months back w/o permission. I think they may have gotten jail time for it. It was not sanctioned by the tribe.