Anybody ever hear of Dolphin Canoes???

Found one on ebay very close to me. I have never heard of this brand/name. Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the name.

ebay item no:

Item number: 150161528924

Won’t give you the web page link since I can’t do tinyurl from where I’m at.

Looks good…

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Nice looking canoe.

Here is what I found doing a quick search.

not sure of this one...

Great - -
I kinda think that second link isn’t the same company, but the first one sure looks like it may be spot on. If the comment is correct, I may watch this one and see what happens. It’s not often I see a nice looking boat like that in my area for sale, and this one looks nice. It’s only 30 miles away too

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As a kid …
… I put many a mile beneath my butt in a Dolphin canoe. I think it was their 18-foot Warrior (Brave?). They also offered a larger Chief, but the high bow and stern ends really caught the crosswinds.

Mom, Dad, we three kids, and a hyperactive Siberian Husky often cruised northern lakes in our Dolphin, and we male-folk frequently did multi-day river trips in it. Many rocky rivers in northern Wisconsin still bear our white fiberglass ‘love kisses’ as evidence of our passage.

The Dolphins are typically wide, stable, heavy, and exceedingly durable, possibly bulletproof. You may find it a real beast to cartop and to portage, but in all likelihood, you will pass it on to your grandchildren.

P.S.: I did NOT choose my screen name as an homage to that first canoe, but now I have to wonder …

Thanks for the insight
I probably won’t be doing many long haul portages, so the additional weight won’t be too much of a factor. I’ve had enough back problems to know what I shouldn’t be doing. If I thought I needed to cover a lot of distance, I’d probably put a pair of wheels under one end.

Bulletproof is nice. White is easier to repair if I needed too, although I’m pretty careful about avoiding rocks. (I know - s#^t happens.)

There was another unique Dolphin made called a Sportster. It had a Neal Pryde sail rigging that could be attached to it. It all came with the Dolphin when I bought it. It has a tiller and out rigger pontoons to keep it up right. If anyone would like to have this unique canoe that can also sail, I am willing to part with it as I do not use it much. 608 297 9593 Joel