Anybody from/near Asheville, N.C?

I finally brought my canoe down to Asheville where I live now and I was wondering if anybody could suggest a good place to paddle; particularly interested in nice quiet lakes. For now I am sticking to the French Broad river but shuttling is getting annoying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

If you don’t mind a drive:
Lake James in Marion is a beautiful clear lake with seventy five miles of shoreline.

Almost all of the north side is pristine forest with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a back drop. There are lots of coves to explore and many nice sandy beaches to pull up on.

There are four public, free launch places with ample parking and rest rooms, (some have porta johns)


You are only a little over an hour from

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Lake Jocassee in SC.

Bear Lake is smaller, but beautiful.

Then there are Fontana, Cheoah,and Calderwood.

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Wautaga Lake is pretty close
So is Toxaway, Lake Lure, and Keowee…

Thanks all!
Definitely going to be checking these suggestions out, as the weekend will be here before I know it and I’ll be needing some water therapy;) Thanks again!

Lake Julian
Just south of Asheville is Lake Julian, used as a cooling lake for the power plant there. My wife test paddled her Impex Mystic there when she purchased it a couple of months ago.

There is a fee to launch there
and it is very small

It is a good safe place though