anybody got a hunk of bulkhead minicell?

looking to recut the bulkhead on my Dagger Approach… I got it for a great price from a former CWS rep, it was a demo boat and the only thing really wrong with it is the poor sealing of the bulkhead, must’ve been made on a Friday. :slight_smile:

I can do a better job of making a new bulkhead than trying to seal up the gaps on the existing one, so I need a piece of minicell about 10" x 28" x 3". Or anyone know a place I can order some for cheap? Thanks!


most any boat shop
can order, or stocks, mini cell foam blanks from 1/4" to 4" thick X 4’long

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I’ve got a hunk of minicell I bought for a project - but have since sold the boat. I don’t know how long the piece is. I’ll check it on my Dagger and see if it’s large enough to do the job.

I have the same problem with my Approach, but I’m just planning on cramming a 2x4 in to get a gap and then blast a bunch of silicon caulk into it and strap it up with Hippo Tape. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll either ignore the problem and continue to have a “mostly dry storage” area or remove the bulkhead and put in some float bags.

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let me know
maybe I’ll order a half sheet from Sweet Composites and I can cut 2 bulkheads! I’m going to make it a quarter to half inch larger along the hull line and add a touch of curvature to keep tension on the bottom

if you’re not going to use the piece you have, let me know the dimensions, I’m also thinking of adding a forward bulkhead to my Manitou 13.

I’ll find it, measure it, and e-mail you
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