Anybody got a Werner Camano 220 cm?

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I have a never-used straight-shaft 230 cm Camano to trade for a 220 cm. Fiberglass, amber blades. Looking for a paddle in similar condition---mine is flawless. Located in New England. PM me with your details. Thanks!

Nope, mine is 240, and since I got it on
sale, I realised that 210-215 is plenty, my height notwithstanding. (That’s good— height, not with standing.)

Have you called Werner about shortening?
I assume you like the blade - Werner will shorten their paddles for a relatively moderate fee. 230’s are easy and 220’s harder to find unused these days.

How is that done?
About how much would it cost?

Varies… best to call
I just checked with he who did most of these changes - it varies by manufacturer. But our general recall is between $50 and $80, I think the higher number was my Epic and maybe the Swift hit closer to that. Best to call though. Werner went beyond the original request when I sent a paddle in for finishing flaws on one blade - it came back to me with two new blades. I suspect it’d be a very fair price.

Granted free is better, but if you really want to use that paddle and a swap seems less than imminent, the shortening option may be worth it for you.

Thus far anyway, the manufacturer has been good about making sure they weren’t wasting our money. I asked the Epic guys to be extra careful on looking it over because of its age, and they called me back to let me know it had vetted fine.

with he?

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with him

I’ve got a Camano 220 I’d trade…
for your 230. I’m in southern coastal NC, what’s your location?

Cutting down shaft
Excellent- ask for a trade and you get it!

I shall have to look at what I have that I don’t want- the future looks suddenly brighter!

Anyway, if the trade does not work out for some reason,

and if you need to save some money, it is not hard to cut down the shaft yourself. I cut down a werner camano 235 to 228 and then further to 118, cutting off both the male and female ends. Email me if you want detailed instructions.


See updated post

My 220 is used, but only slighty. FG shaft, white blade. After re-reading your post it looks like we’re way far apart, a swap may be troublesome given our locations.

Werner’s reply
I called Werner. They said it’s not possible to shorten a paddle with an adjustable ferrule.

I cut down a 225 Onno to 215.
Nerve wracking, but really not hard.

Waterbird, call me if you want about
shortening the paddle. CAN be done pretty EZ.

Check a local dealer…
See what kind of trade he would give you. Might be less than shipping.

Yup, that worked
A dealer pretty far away agreed to do an even trade. Problem solved!

Thanks for all the replies.