Anybody know "Northshore" brand kayaks?

I’ve got a foundling kayak that was spotted submerged in a small cove on Long Island, rescued and refurbished. She’s made in England from a company called Northshore. I need to find parts that she’s missing, anyone know of this brand or have one? (In 5 years I’ve only seen one other in the NE U.S.) She’s the Fiero or Fuego model, 16’ long with a soft chine, built like a Knordkapp, very maneuverable. I’d appreciate any help.

You’re In Luck…
They used to not have a website, but seemed to have created one recently:

I’ve seen a couple of the older models around the Boston area. Well made boats. The Fuego model very much reminds me of the Impex Montauk. Doesn’t seem to be in the line up any longer, or it has morphed to another name.


New: Mistral
The Mistral is the successor of the Fuego. See

Fine boats, well made, I’ve sit in a Calypso. I also tried to get a used Shoreline before I ended up with the P+H Vela.