Anybody know the Indian River-Del.

I may have to go that way sometime soon, and I’d rather find something else to do while I’m there

Is it worthy of paddling?

Do I need to take my Kayak, or are there rentals nearby?

Just planning ahead for the inevitable.

well, that depends…
…on your tolerance for power-boat traffic.

The Indian River is very wide near it’s mouth (the inlet) & with all the boat traffic & cross currents it’s not a very inviting place to be in a kayak. IMO, You would have to go pretty far up the river to find pleasurable paddling.

I would consider the Assawoman canal (just south of Indian River) or the Rehoboth bay just to the north of the inlet. There’s an uninhabited island there (can’t remember the name but its directly across from Massey’s Landing) that is great for finding driftwood, shells, etc. & many nice little backbays if you go around the island & head east.

Or just head north along the eastern shore of the Rehoboth bay…this is a manmade bay & looks deep but is only maybe 5’ average & very shallow near the shorelines. This is where the local outfitters take their guided eco-tour groups.

For more info on paddling in that area, check out yahoo groups delmarva paddlers or Don’s DE Kayak Club

as for whether to bring or rent…
…your best rental option is Coastal Kayaks:

The Bethany Beach location would be very close.

Also, East of Maui in Dewey Beach rents kayaks but their fleet is almost entirely OK SOT’s.

(They also rent surf-sail gear; bring the wet suit & give that a try!)

Thanks folks
I’ll take a look at the suggestions.

I wondered about the boat traffic in the area. I’ll have to kick up Google Earth and take a peak at the area and see what the bay looks like.

Wrong end of the continent for me…
…but I see several interesting DE trips listed on “Places to Paddle” (not inc. Indian R.)

you betcha…especially sussex county…
…plenty of water around here, just none that moves very fast (very flat).

Trap Pond SP is a wonderful spot (check trip reviews) as is Prime Hook Wildlife Preserve.

OP: Just learned they are dredging the Assawoman Canal so maybe not a good paddle right now.

Ah Hah - - I may be contacting you.
I see per your profile that your pretty local to the area.

If I end up going that way, We will have to get together for a run somewhere.