Anybody know where I can get one of thes

I’m looking for an ALUMINUM fold up “bag” type chair. All the ones I have found are steel framed and too heavy. I currently use an old style lawn chair which is real lite,but bulky.I don’t want a ground sitting or backless chair.


A couple…
Travel Chair “Teddy”

Alps Leisure Chair (Aluminum)

Look at, as they have a bunch of aluminum legged chairs with logos.

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I’d stay away from GCI gear that you’d have to put together . 30 of us got free folding chairs from them as a promo an after the 2nd day o the trip you could see all of em in the recycle bin !

coleman foldups
are what i have from a few years ago - I don’t know what kind of weight you are looking for or size but Coleman makes aluminum frame foldup chairs. ie BassPro sells a coleman highbacked sling I dont know how portable they are though, and a camp chair which probably doesn’t fold/just closes up maybe. worth a look.

Chain stores
I’m unfamiliar with what stores you have in NY, but K-Mart, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target have them. I’m sure many others too. I see them all over the palce.

A lightweight chair
This one is pricey, mostly wood, not aluminum and is loved by touring motorcyclists (especially of the BMW variety.) So, normally I wouldn’t bring it to your attention. Except it is very comfortable, very lightweight and very nicely made. It is called the Kermit Chair.

It is comfortable the same way an Ed’s Contour Canoe seat is, with a curved front horizontal bar. It weighs less than half of what most “lightweight” chairs do and stows in much less space. Paddle on!

Meat is Right
I actually bought the ALPS leisure aluminum folding chair from and it was extremely light and durable…and a great price. Website was easy to use too, good customer service. Love ALPS stuff.