anybody paddle one LiquidLogic Remix XP

have test paddled one, i really liked it, i am 6ft. 4 250lbs, any other choices in the 900$ range?

See my reply above
Still unclear why a hybrid rather than a river runner.

This month’s Canoe & Kayak
magazine has a comparison article on “hybrids” including the Liquid Logic RemixXP10, a Dagger, a Jackson, and one other german made yak that escapes me at the moment. I’ll repost info when I find the magazine. Good info as the testers did a multi-day run down a river in the southwest somewhere.

I paddled the LLXP10 for a half day run down the Farmington River in CT. Flow was pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed the boat. Maneuvered nicely up to Class III when needed, drop the skeg and it tracked well. I paddled an older river runner and as a big guy (6’2’260) I preferred the stability of the XP and did not feel like I was giving up much thru the frothy stuff. Easy to carry too.

try the Pyranha Fusion also
The Pyranha Fusion is a similar mild whitewater kayak with a drop skeg to help in flatwater sections. I just bought one and have only used it once so I don’t have any profound reviews. Just be aware that “compromise” boats are, by definition, not perfectly suitable at either whitewater or flatwater paddling. It’s ok, but very slow on flatwater.

Try both and choose the one that fits you best. The Remix was too big for me so I bought the Fusion.


I have an XP9
and absolutely love it!

It’s a niche boat but it fulfilled my specific requirements, so I bought it. YMMV

250# ???
I’m 6’1" and 230#,Doesnt the bow ride a little low for ya?

I bought mine for the wife and kids,sure I like it but in our weight range I really think you should try the XP10.