anybody padle Prijon Chopper?

I’m looking for a faster down river ww kayak for weekend camping trips up to Class III. I currently have a Liquid Logics Remix 79 which is tad slow and a tad too big for me (5’9" 200#). I know the Chopper is an old school boat, but wondering if anyone has experience in it?



Big boat for big feet
I personally think the Chopper is a fine creeker. It is big enough for my long legs and big feet (6’6" and size 14).

I don’t have a lot of WW experience, but I find the Chopper to be very responsive for it’s size.

thanks for the feedback
both on this thread and by PM. I’m trying the chopper this weekend at my local dealer. Sounds like it will handle the moderate whitewater and my camping gear just fine.

What’s your impression on why the
Remix seemed slow to you? Was that upturned, flattish bow pushing water too much? Did the boat have too much rocker to have the cruising speed you wanted?

Here’s a link I happen to have on my notepad for a fast kayak with virtually no useful gear storage in the stern.