Anybody seen a post from Sing lately?

Anybody seen a post from Sing lately?

Sing last posted on July 2 in the Maine thread. Mentioned he had booked campsites for a couple of trips this summer as well as spending two weeks at his camp.

I’ve been wondering about Seadddict of California. He’s been a member since 2006, but nothing in recent months. We had exchanged PMs so I sent him an email last week to see if he’s okay. No response. Worrisome.

Thanks, if I search the latest post comes up is March, I may have an issue with my settings or maybe I’m just not doing it right. I think I know who Seaddict is IRL. I was on a email mailing list for many years from a kayak club where I believe he posted. I shut down my subscription a few months ago, but i can ask some friends if he is around.

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If he is upta camp he may well want to stay there for a while if possible. Not getting news noise is a real plus. We liked our 10 day silence and will do it again soon.

Did get a response from Seadddict. He’s fine and back to paddling now that the beaches were reopened.


Hi Folks,

I am still alive and fine. Just trying to stay sane with working remotely from home. One day blends into the next. Losing the boundaries in an unhealthy way where work seems to go on and on and on… Anyway, no surf to speak of yet. Can’t get up to my camp up in western Maine. I did get four days of camping in at a state forest, next to the Deerfield river, a couple of weeks ago. Booked the campsite for another week at the end of August. Have been pulling my backpacking equipment together from the shed and the basement. Will be heading out this weekend to backpack into the White Mountains in NH to camp and fish the East Pemi River Wilderness area. I haven’t backpack since having my kids (the oldest just turned 30) and getting my camp in Western Maine, a couple miles from the AT heading towards the Rangeley. It’ll be interesting…

Anyway, just trying to staying sane and not get overwhelmed by the pandemic and the craziness around us…

Thanks for inquiring (and caring). Hope everyone else is well, especially the ole timers among us who are slowly passing on.



We miss you. Not sure why you can’t get upta camp but if you can get a CV test within 72 hours of coming to ME you are good to go. If you need a camp checker I would be happy to help as I think your camp is near me.

“Just trying to stay sane” … Yes and it’s getting to be a challenge.

Glad you are doing well and getting some outside time. I’m really missing getting away from urban/suburban SOCAL, into the Utah mountains. But … I finally got some nice surf today. I was only supposed to surf for about 45 minutes and I stayed 3 hours … only one other guy on a SUP at my spot; I had the best A-frame peak to myself, with a channel to get back out… The famous surf breaks here are packed everyday like it’s the 4th of July so i am avoiding them like the plague … literally. My arms and back are absolutely worn out from 3hrs of waveski surfing on nice waves.

We can’t get up to our farm in Utah and we were hoping to visit my sons in the Bay Area and Portland,but looks like that is not a good thing to try. I have a grandson who turns one in a month and we have not seen him since early February. Good news is my youngest son who has been laid off twice this year got hired today for a job doing what he wants to do. Stay safe Sing and enjoy your backpacking it sounds great.