Anybody tried the new Manitou 13 Select

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I was wondering what your all thoughts were on this kayak. I'm thinking of getting one for myself.

I want to know too
Thanks for starting this thread. I’m considering another addition to the fleet. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Manitou, the Epic GPX, or the Tsunami 12.5, all in fiberglass.

I have a Manitou 13
Haven’t seen the “Select” model yet, but I have a 2007 Manitou 13, and it’s my favorite kayak out of the six I own. Fast and comfortable. Good for flat water, open sea or Class I-II rivers. I don’t think I’d take it on Class III, though.

Took a little while to get the hang of the fabric cover for the rear hatch, but now it’s OK.

It was a Manitou 13 standard, but the select is the Exact same kayak, just a different trim.

The manitou 13 is a great kayak. Its a bit tippy for a 13footer and takes alittle time to get used to, but its fast enough to keep up with sea kayaks and can turn with ease and fully outfitted. Id say if you bought this kayak, you will not regret it. And, You can keep it for a long time as it will grow with your skills.

‘select’,as in fiberglass?
it’s a good kayak.

get the reg. manitou 13

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The Manitou 13 select is just an uninspired and blatant cash grab by Johnson Outdoors and Necky.

Instead of actually designing new kayaks they are just flooding the marketplace at every possible price point by barely upgrading their current boats or renaming older models.

The continuing problems with their composite lay-ups would leave me exceptionally leary of ever purchasing a Necky glass or carbon boat, snazzy marketing with 300 pound guys standing on a boat not withstanding.

The composite Manitou boats are manufactured in China. Trust me when I say you don't want to hear the horror stories about the first container of test boats that arrived on these shores!

Instead of paying the price for a glass rec boat, why not look for a thermoformed one instead? Eddyline and Delta kayaks both make boats in that size.

Ethnic is right
the “Select” is just a Manitou 13 roto with thigh straps and “High Visibility prtimiter lines”- Lady-Da!! Yet, it costs like 250 bucks more. Since when were some measley thigh straps worth 250 bucks??

Thigh braces
You mean thigh braces.

The Manitou 13 Select is also made out of something called “Linear Select,” which Necky says is a superior polyethylene. It’s not the composite model of the Manitou.

I briefly
considered on for a river boat (class I easy II) but settled on a Tsunami 120. I think I made the right discission.

do tell
so the “Select” is a plastic boat? check. The glass Manitous I saw with a painted finish have held up great at a friends kayak shop. I haven’t seen any problem with them.

boy, ethnic
sounds like you’ve got an axe to grind! Continuing problems with their composite lay-ups? I thought Necky’s lay-ups (like Seaward’s, like Impex) were generally admired.

Gotta say, though, I do like the look of those new black recycled boats! :slight_smile:

i wonder

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WTF is necky thinking with offering the same Manitou in 4 different materials/ options,PLUS 4 versions of the Manitou 14, PLUS the Manitou Sport(btw what's the big idea behind calling the more bathtub-like of the bunch "sport") except for the composites, none of them are that different.
Why not offer the composite, and one plastic boat with optional outfitting kits,sold/installed at the dealers. Like...sell the "basic" Manitou,and offer an optional "enthusiast" package that would give it same outfitting as a Chatham series and airbag in the front. And Mix the recycled material into the normal plastic they use, the whole "100% recycled" seems more like a marketing pitch than anything else.
They could've easily done with 4-5 boats in the Manitou family, 9 is pretty ridiculous.
Having said that, i am pretty certain the Manitou 13 is one of the better all-around short boats out there by design.