Anybody try a Werner Rec Tour Sport?

I have a new 230 Rec Tour. Although I like it, it doesnt seem aggressive enough. It also doesnt seem like there is enough blade in the water through river shallows or navigating with obstacles around. I’m considering going to a 220 Rec Tour Sport, but trying before buying is difficult. Has anyone tried one of these bad boys? (I think its the fiberglass version of the Shuana)

Any advice? I paddle mostly rivers and occasionally a lake. I have a Tarpon 120 if that helps for suggestions.

Rec tour

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I have a 230 Rec Tour I use with my Tarpon 160. It's a great paddle and my primary. I also use a Carlisle RS Magic 230 when I want to move the boat a little quicker as it has bigger blades and they are nylon so I can bang it up on rocks,etc. without much worry. For less than $100 worth a look. A 220 might be a bit short on the Tarpons, depending on your height and paddling style.

good point
With a longer paddle, you can adjust for shallow control, but its tough to create length if you need it. I have used that 100buck paddle before - it feels alright, and I dont have a backup currently.

(also trying to drag this through the threads one more time to see if anyones tried the shauna or rec tour sport)