anybody use a pressure cooker?

I got one of these a few years ago but have never used it.

Grew up with a pressure cooker, but too afraid to use the thing myself; too afraid it will go off like a bomb. Can’t imagine that there will be many pressure cooker users out there, but if you are one, I’m looking for advice, suggestions and general help on how to use one on my kayaking trips. Seems like a really neat item.

pressure cookers are great
but for camping? I suggest using it at home and dehydrating the meals you create.

New models have safety features so it’s very unlikely you need to worry about your ceiling wearing your dinner anymore.


for camping
or “camping”

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Fine but

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I've used pressure cookers quite a bit in the hills where they compensate the loss of boiling temp and they save on water use and fuel. That said, they are relatively heavy and bulky. Most of my use has been in mountains, and in winter.

The old pressure cooker!
We used one for years, but with the coming of the micro wave oven, it just fell into disuse. A bit heavy and bulky, but should be good for car camping and a good stove. Heat control is key to maintaining a steady pressure. I think I’ll dig it out of wherever it is and give it a spin. There’s probably a lot of info on the web.

if you use one
what I’m really looking for is “advice, suggestions and general help”. For example, did you ever do rice? (New topic) I’ve got this little bowl that fits inside, but I don’t know how to get it out without burning my fingers. Any practical pointers from your experience will help. Many thanks in advance!

daily use
Being married to a Brazilian woman it is rare to have a meal without the use of a pressure cooker.


beans, stews, chicken, just about anything.

I love them
the ability to cook meat from frozen to fall-apartness

in an hour is pretty nice. Great for cooking dry beans. Never tried one camping but maybe I should

pressure cooker
A friend had the GSI and he loved it, until he had to clean it. He stopped bringing it kayak camping because clean up was a PITA. I’d suggest trying it at home first.

I love them too
Brazilian women, that is


I guess I don’t get the point
You save fuel with a pressure cooker but for a multi-day or multi-week trip it would be so much easier to bring extra fuel bottles that will fit in your bow/stern instead of that clunky contraption. I love pressure cookers but I just don’t see the value for kayak camping. If you’re talking car-camping with coolers in the back of the car then it’s a different story, anything goes.


it allows you to cook things
you couldn’t otherwise cook camping. Artichokes, for example. Plus it shortens cooking times, which moves some items off the “can’t take it with you” list. Plus, some people just like their chicken falling off the bone. But there’s a trade off in weight and “clunkiness”, to be sure. Backpacking? Forget about it! But kayaking you can just pull it off. Steve Scherrer, I know, regularly carries a dutch oven.

MrsK7 uses her pressure cooker almost daily. On our July 09 trip, the cook on the boat had one or two going for every meal.

It’s amazing the food that a Brazilian can produce with a pressure cooker. I almost feel sorry for those who haven’t had the pleasure of a Brazilian cook’s meal.

If it’s brand new
be sure to check to see if the relief valve is drilled completely through! When we were first married we had one that was not. Right now, I don’t remember which part/piece went through our ceiling…oh and the darn thing never would sit flat on the burner afterwards.

Used mine last week
to make some ham bone and bean soup. It is an asset for cooking dry beans at high altitude as atmospheric boiling happens at a lower temperature. The pressure cooker is the great equalizer. There are tips out there that make using it easier. Some basic things are to not over fill it. Put a tablespoon of oil in when cooking beans to help control foaming. I use the bowl in the kettle method of cooking brown rice. It turns out perfect. Try a clean pair of needle-nose pliers to lift out the bowl. There are books available on the pressure cooker.

Use it at home…
…and if you like it. Buy a canoe and bring the oven too!

thanks, taj
good advice

back in the climbing days
we used 'em at altitude. a bit bulky for sea boating I would think. find easier to prepare meals, IMO.

you know Charles, since I don’t ‘guide’ anymore Cindy and I have simplified our meal time greatly. while it was fun doing the whole ‘presentation’ thing back in the day, now we just wanna get full and have free time while traveling by sk.