anybody watch "Quest for the Bay?"

…on the history channel?

If you missed it, this was a documentary about a group of Canadians (one was a river guide but the others were from all walks of life) who took two months to row a “Yorkboat” 1200km from Winnipeg to a remote village on the Hudson Bay (York Factory) where the Hudson Bay Co. had a post (still standing). They were retracing a fur-trading route traveled as late as the 1860’s. It involved several gruelling portages and nearly three dozen rapids. The boat & oars were historically accurate, and every effort was made to ensure no modern conveniences were availed of (save plastic helmets & PFD’s for the rapids).

The group almost lost hope of continuing during a series of setbacks, but in the end, the delivered their “cargo” to the post & signed the register.

An excellent production that would be worth buying on videotape, but I’m sure they will rebroadcast it…don’t miss it.

I saw it…
I’ve seen parts of it, I think I missed the start and did see the end. It was an interesting show. I enjoyed the part where they had to portage over an inlet (or sandbar) and had to overcome the huge inertia of the Yorkboat to get it on the other side. Took them a lot longer than they predicted and they had problems with the portage. Lots of hard work!


Saw It as well
I watched it with my kids. It was something that an age 5,15 and 45 year old enjoyed at the same time. How often does that happen.