Anyone around Richmond?

I’m new to the area and am looking for some routes to paddle. Hoping to find good spots to go solo and that are good for bringing my young kids along. Anyone around here that might be interested in meeting up once the water warms up?

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I can connect you up for Richmond, CA, but I suspect that isn’t the Richmond you are at


Lol. Guess that is on me.


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I’m in RVA. Paddling paradise!
Plenty of variety; all skill levels.

Even though it is really old, this is a good Virginia guide:
Ed Grove’s Classic Va Rivers (click here)

There are some awesome slow floats with wildlife. I like the Pamunkey River between Rt 301 and 360. Upper Mattaponi is great too.

Huguenot Flatwater is a good one too, but the river can be swift. The rivers here will run fast in the spring. Late spring early summer is best for kids and the James in RVA.

Have you ever used USGS water level links? All around RVA is pretty well linked for water levels.

A good paddling club is called Coastal Canoeists (Weblink). They also have a Facebook page.

That book will give you a ton of places. I feel like I raised my children on the waters around here. Some of my very best memories.


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I lived near Shortpump for a few years. The flat water section is great when the rain is light. I guess you found the white water, the only class IV in city limits in the country. I live up Fredericksburg now. Sold off the white water boats, bought SUP. mostly do flat water and run out on the wide potomac at times with the touring kayaks. What kind of boats do you have, and what water types do you like running?

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I’m a flat water and slow river kind of guy. I like floating around slowly, exploring

Boats are a '75 OT Carleton, a Slipstream Sacandaga and a Slipstream Wee Lassie. Both slipstreams are carbon/kevlar