Anyone bagged out a NC Prospector?

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I'm going to bag my Novacraft Prospector 16 and am looking for any lessons-learned from others who may have done the same.

I'm thinking I'll do end bags and a center bag(s) for greater versatility. I'm also thinking of drilling the hull for the lacing so as not to add as much weight and save a couple of bucks.

Thanks in advance.

What specifically do need to know?

I got mine used and it had some outfitting, but I moved a lot around. For the bags, I screwd in some cable-clamp-things under the wooden gunwales and glued down a couple of Northwater lightwieght anchors.

Drilling the hull to thread rope works fine too.


What size end bags?
Interested in what size your end bags are and whether they seem like the right size. Also, what size center bag, if any, and what do you think of that size.


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I think most centre bags are pretty standard. I'd say mine goes from just behind the stern thart to well in front of the yoke. I've actually added another wierd little bag I had lying around, so I can bag-out the thing from my knees right to the bow seat.

End bags are pretty standard too, dependeing on the manufacturer. Lots of end bags are around 30", if find some a little on the small side. In the bow I have Voyageur bag that's a bit longer, maybe 36"?

The basic set up is probably 2 30" end bags and a big centre bag. You probably won't find that much choice.

I think Mohawk's website has good info on their airbags.


photo of airbags
Hi Clarion,

It’s low quality because I was playing with lifting this photo from a PDF newsletter and saving it as a jpeg, I’m just learning about web pages and digital picutres etc., but here is a picture that kinda shows the flotation in my 16’ NC Prospector…

Cheers, Pat.

definitely drill and lace.

drill holes for the bag cages, it is easy and harmless. i put down 3 d rings in each end which secure the cord down in a W pattern.

ideally, you would look at another boat or 2 to get some idea of what you want to duplicate or aviod. are there any in your region?

if you need to i can help out with this.

good luck.